Connecting Business Objects to Teradata


Connecting Business Objects to Teradata

Hello Guys,

I am trying to create reports with BI Tool Business Objects. I did the following steps.
1. Create ODBC Sys DSN
2. In BO 6.5 , created a new connection of type Generic ODBC 3 and used the above Sys DSN
3. In the Designer, I am able to see the tables and View the data. But I am not able to get the tables and columns into the Designer space.

Could some body help me in resolving this.

Thanks in advance

Re: Connecting Business Objects to Teradata

You need to use the Teradata Data Connector from Business Objects (NCR\Teradata V2 Rx\Teradata ODBC Driver)... (which is sold separately).

From Tools Menu\Connections, click on Add; from the wizard, click next and then choose the

NCR\Teradata V2 R5\Teradata ODBC Driver

to follow configuring it.