Teradata Services


Teradata Services


I have installed the teradata express edition 12.0. i got message from service control. Msg:-- "reboot system to start teradata services"

please help on the same.


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Hi Raj,
what's your problem?

Don't you want to restart?

Did you restart and something is still failing?
Check windows Eventlog->Application for Teradata entries.


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I have installed the teradata 12.0. but i can't able to start teradata service.

If i open the service control i got the message.

"Re-boot system to start teradata service"

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Please reboot the system as advised.
And then check for the icon Teradata Service Control on your desktop.
Click on that. You will find an option there to start Teradata.

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Hi ram

I have tried ten times what you said. but still the message is came

but its not enable to start button.


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got the same Problem

Re: Teradata Services

i also have the same problem plz help us


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got the same damn problem and i am struggling tp find a solution :(

if anyone has solution please help me as well.

Win XP SP3, Teradata 13.0

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This happened to me out of the blue on Windows 7 Home Premium,  Teradata 13.0.

As a quick fix I went into system services and manually started the following services:

  • Teradata Database Initiator
  • Teradata GTW Reserve Port
  • Teradata inetd Service

I then launched Teradata Service Control and waited for approx 5 minutes while the status bar cycled through a few states then eventually displayed "Teradata is Running".

I was then able to connect with Teradata Studio.

Hope this helps.

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Hi ,

After installation. I cant find the Teradata service control . Can anyone pls help me.