access default databse


access default databse


I have installed Teradata DB and client. I would like to access the default database or would like to create a new database.

I do know the syntax to create a databse, but would like to clarify how this should be executed. because all client components require a ip and user id and password to connect. I do not find or understand where to create a database, without loging into a default db.

kindly help to access default db or create db without loging using BTEQ or SQL assistance.


Re: access default databse

Initially when teradata is installed DBC will be thw owner of the database space. Adminitrator would logon as DBC user to create new users under DBC. The DBC user will be Parent/owner for all the database created thereafter.

Once the Users are created, necessary privileges should be granted to them to Create and drop other users under their hierarchy or under any other user at same level.

Once a user ID is created .The user can logon to teradata. With necessary privileges this user can also created other users.If he creates other users under the space owned by him/her, then he will be creator as well as owner of the new user.

To get more information on this please refer to the Data Definition Manual.

Regarding the default database, this option can be specified in the create user syntax itself and when the user logs on with his user ID, he will be redirected to default database. Once he logs on he can access all the objects in the default database without actually qualifying them.

BTEQ and SQL Assistant are client utilities to submit user queries.You can also use API modules (java,Perl,C etc.,) to connect to teradata and submit your queries.