AMC does not work


AMC does not work



I have installed the Aster Express and VMWare.

Navigate the option Control Panel => All Control Panel Items => Network and Sharing Center

I can't found VMWare Network Adaptor VMnet1 and VMWare Network Adaptor VMnet8 network connections under the View your active networks.

But I can see the networks (VMWare Network Adaptor VMnet1 and VMnet8) in change adaptor settings

Setting IP address for VMnet8 as mentioned in Aster installation guide.

And also I have Open the Aster Queen and Worker Vmx file using VMWare workstation player.

Tried to start AMC ( in browser.

But getting the below error.

Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource ( is not responding 


Anyone know the reason why AMC does not work for me?





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Re: AMC does not work



This may be nothing to do with AMC itself, it may simply be a network or even timing issue.


1) How long does AMC take to start and how long did you wait between starting AMC and trying to connect to it?

2) From the pc where you're starting your browser, can you 'ping' the vm which is running AMC?




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Re: AMC does not work



I have reinstalled the VMWare and again followed the steps as mentioned in Aster Getting Started guide. 

 AMC now works fine for me.