Aster without a SYS_CALENDAR?


Aster without a SYS_CALENDAR?

Is there a default system calendar table in Aster that can be used similar to Teradata, or must we create a replicated xref table explicitly?

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Re: Aster without a SYS_CALENDAR?

Can you give us details on why you need a system calendar? Is it for scheduleing jobs: Load, Back-up, etc?

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Re: Aster without a SYS_CALENDAR?

I guess there exists different use cases for a calendar table where system calendar is usually a starting point as it is part of TD default installations.

1. Check if date is a workingdate weekday 

2. validate char dates are correct dates 

3. get all data for a month

4. expand valid from valid to rows to one per date

Some of this can these days be done with UDFs but having a calendar table is still not a bad idea...

On Aster - did you check just to import you TD sys_calendar.calendar data into Aster and create a physical instance? Worked fine for me with load_from_teradata...