No internet connection in TDExpress 16/VMware


No internet connection in TDExpress 16/VMware



I have some problems to finish the installation of Teradata Aster Express (free version). I have already done the vmware installation, load the TDExpress 16 image in vmware, and also can access to the interface, then i realized the next tests:

1) before launch the TDE image i set up the IP adress in VMnet8

2) run pdestate -a.

3) run BTEQ and also loging

4) run the SQL test script

The next step is to connect to Viewpoint  from the virtual machine, but the problem is that i cannot access to internet in vmware.


So What do i have to do to connect to internet? I understan that the conection is through NAT, and the NAT connection is VMnet8, also the configuration in the virtual machine is made by VMnet 8, so i don't understand why there is no connection.


Thank you for your answers!