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Backup Time (Longer Enough)

Hi experts, I have noticed that DSA backup takes around 4 GB per minute that means in 5 hours it will only backup 1.2 TB. What if we have data size 10 TB. Currently default streams are 4. What maximum limit of streams ? Will increasing streams fast the time ? How backup is performed in Telecommunication companies as their data is 30 TB 40 TB of such volume. We want to complete 10 TB in 10 hours. Please advise some solution. 

Teradata Employee

Re: Backup Time (Longer Enough)

Hi Imran,

          first of all i would like to depict that there are many variables that affects and potentially affects your DSA backups performances.

In our configuration we use the same number of #streams as the number of our AMPs and we got an output rate close to 1000MB/s.


Hope this helps,

optimizing DSA backups speed it's not an easy task!

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