Tara (Netbackup) with catalog option

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Tara (Netbackup) with catalog option


I don't quiet understand how does catalog option work with TARA server (netbackup storage).

"Use Catalog" flag is turned on (server settings tab), "CATALOG ON" is added to the script. How can I be sure that catalog is used for backup/restore? How can I change catalog database (looks like arc option CATALOGDB does not change any)?

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Re: Tara (Netbackup) with catalog option



A little bit of a problem is that we overload some of our technical terms, CATALOG (aka fastpath) is a reference of object location within the backup image so in the case of a selective restore we don't have to trawl through the whole backup image to find the desired object(s).


Don't believe the ARC CATALOGDB option is related to the TARA CATALOG function


The TARA CATALOG needs to be enabled in the backup (can be done on a job by job basis) which will gather/store this fastpath information into the TARA metadata (stored in files on the TARA Server), trying to use the CATALOG function in a RESTORE will only work if this metadata was captured/enabled in the backup.