JDK 1.3 and JDBC 3.03


JDK 1.3 and JDBC 3.03

I have a system development on JDK 1.3 and I need to use JDBC 3.03 to connect to Teradata V2R6.1.

I try but I couldn't and the documentation says that I need JDK 1.4.

Do you know if it is possible? I can't change JDK.

Thanks a lot.
Teradata Employee

Re: JDK 1.3 and JDBC 3.03

TTU 7.1 / Teradata JDBC Driver version 3.1.0.x was the last version to support JDK 1.3.

The Teradata JDBC Driver Reference's Supported Platforms page lists which JDK versions are supported by each Teradata JDBC Driver version.