Related to Data Extraction.....


Related to Data Extraction.....

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i want to know how can i extract data from teradata into CSV files. i want know any of such tool available in market?

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I believe (I can't nconnect to a Teradata Db yet!) you can do it using Teradata SQL Assistant...

In the menu Tools=>Option You can select "Write all export answer to a single file", and choose which "delimeter between columns in Export/Import files" semicolon ( ;-)

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Re: Related to Data Extraction.....

Assuming this is something you are going to do repeatedly,
There are three ways I have done this. The first is use a SQL statement that creates the correctly formatted string for each record,

SELECT '"'||
char_column2|| (or cast some other data type into a char or varchar
FROM table

You can run this in SQL Assistant (and export it), Fast Export or BTEQ.
The other way is to use OLE_LOAD to setup an export to a set of files that act like tables using the Jet driver. See the Microsoft site on how to do that. It can take a bit of time to get right, but it does do the job.
Lastly, for really complex jobs, write a quick program and use the .NET provider or ODBC provider.


Re: Related to Data Extraction.....

As well try to use Fastexport,if data is really huge and you need scheduled jobs to do this.