TPT Help with SSIS


TPT Help with SSIS

TPT Help with SSIS

Hello All,

I just installed the Teradata 15.0 driver on one of the servers. Now I am able to connect to the TeraData DB and see all the drivers.

When I try to run the package, it complains that I am missing the TPT API. Fair enough. I downloaded the TTU 15.0 from the Teradata website and I am trying to follow teradata-connector/error-teradata-tpt-registry-key- cannot-1434.html article to recover from issues. 

I dont see the 1) Load and 2) Export TPT packages in there? What am I missing. I only want to install what is required and do not want to bloat my system. 

Please suggest what all I need to install so that I can pass it on to the DBA's who have admin rights on the system.



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Re: TPT Help with SSIS

Maybe you can post your issues in attunity forum too.  ODBC operator for tpt is certified to work only with the DataDirect/Progress ODBC drivers. Others may work but may produce unwanted results.

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Re: TPT Help with SSIS

You need to install:


- MS SSIS Connector for Teradata (note, different connector rel. exists for SQL Server IS versions) 

- Teradata ODBC (32 and 64) (metadata/schema interrogation)

- Teradata TPT Base and Stream 


See SSIS and Teradata paper at (dated, but applicable for general overview re: integration)