Teradata CLIv2 library for Ruby!

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Teradata CLIv2 library for Ruby!


I'm from Teradata Japan.
I'd like to let you know about great library for Teradata-Ruby connection.

We have rocking programmer, he is one of the Ruby commiter, in our PS division and he made the library for Teradata-Ruby connection.

The Ruby/CLIv2 was introduced at a session in Teradata Universe 2010 in Japan. It allows connect Teradata from Ruby easily and natively.


note: This is not a Teradata product and there is no support service.
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Re: Teradata CLIv2 library for Ruby!

Just found this post - been searching for Ruby / TD driver!  I'm going to install it right now and will let you know.  Thanks.


Re: Teradata CLIv2 library for Ruby!


can we have some examples to use the CLIV2 library , so it would be helpful



Re: Teradata CLIv2 library for Ruby!

I am new to Teradata and need to query data from a fedora linux system.  I just connected to Teradata using bteq, and am able to connect to a database and query a table.

We are using Ruby (1.9) on the project, and we want to execute Teradata queries and obtain results.  This ruby interface to the cliv2 library appears promising.  Is anyone else using a similar configuration?