Teradata & Excel Powerpivot


Teradata & Excel Powerpivot

Hi all,

I am working to build some pivots/charts through Excel Powerpivot accessing TD database. I retrieve data w/o problem but I have the following problem:

1 - I am not able to save the password in the connection

2 - as consequenze (I believe) of the problem above, I am not able to refresh data. If I refresh data in excel sheet, the data is not updated. If I open the cube and write the password, the data is correctly updated

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Re: Teradata & Excel Powerpivot

...any suggestion about this issue?

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Re: Teradata & Excel Powerpivot

Hi afedeli,


Found your comment from a Google search, hate loose ends. Sure you probably have an answer by now. This is for future visitors.


I use Power Pivot all the time to pull in Teradata tables. It's finicky, but that's a feature of Power Pivot (2013 here). I know that it's possible in 2010 and 2013 to save the login details. One of my end users does just that. I refresh the fact tables, he refreshes his Excel connection. Try refreshing from inside the Power Pivot "manage" window (not from an Excel pivot table on a tab). That should give you a more robust answer as to why your update is failing. Open the existing Data Connection and walk back through the steps of connecting. I'm guessing that this question doesn't have a good answer without more diagnostic data.


Now...to find an answer to my own issue...