Which IP will SQL Assistant hit.

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Which IP will SQL Assistant hit.


Suppose I have two node teradata setup  having two different IP each assigned to a node.

Then from COP entries perspective I can have like below in etc host file on server.... TDXXXXCOP1 TDXXXXCOP2

This will help TTU to hit TDTDXXXX  from local server.

And DNS has been resolved like below....for client server connectivity. TDXXXX.testcase.net TDXXXX.testcase.net

Now if I try to connect to TDXXXX.testcase.net using SQL Assistant than ...

On which node I will be connected ? or routing will be taken care by BYNET ?


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Re: Which IP will SQL Assistant hit.

refer to http://developer.teradata.com/connectivity/articles/laddered-concurrent-connect-lcc-client-performan...

It will randomly select one of the nodes; then round robin.