no "execute procedure" rights for judf


no "execute procedure" rights for judf


I created a very basic JUDF as described in the official tutorials:

When I click on "Deploy" in the "JAR Files" tab in eclipse the jar file is not deployed but an error occurs:

    "The user does not have EXECUTE PROCEDURE access to SQLJ.INSTALL_JAR"

I use the Teradata Express VMMachine; eclipse EE runs under Windows 7 32 Bit.

In eclipse I connect to the database by using the user "dbc".

I created the judf in the dbc-schema.

Can anybody help me? I have unfortunately no idea how to grant the correct privileges to dbc.

Thank you in advance.


Re: no "execute procedure" rights for judf

I finally found a workaround in this tutorial:

There he creates another database where it is possible to grant rights to create UDFs.