Understanding on Data modeling concepts

Data Modeling
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Understanding on Data modeling concepts

Being a beinner, wanted to learn on Data Modeling w.r.t Teradata. 

what are the appropriate materials?




Re: Understanding on Data modeling concepts

I do care very much for novice. For modeling, you can start with why,what,when,how, which and all possible questions to yourself because we leave out what we require always :)? Usually it is business drivers, goals and strategies in the beginning. You can read books also on DWH/BI.

Data modeling is how you represent data to meet business requirements.It comes with experience. I feel

you may need to have work experience and get the feel of data usage, manipulation so that you can get the thick of the thing. You need to bridge the gap bettwen business, function and tehnology.

Teradata has many models for various industries like FSLDM, uLDM,CLDM, HCLDM etc.

Know how it trasnforms from Contextual, conceptual, logical, structural, physical and implementation phases in the context of business transaction, decision and business analytics.

Few things like entities,relationships, 1:1, 1:m, m:m,3 NF, dimensional modeling,subtype, supertype,snowflake,fact, dimensions etc you may like to read in the beginning maybe. Later I can add more for advanced knowledge.

This is from my side.



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Re: Understanding on Data modeling concepts

Also note .... Logical DM is database independent, hence can be learned irrespective of which database is present underlying.

For Physical DM, yes you need to have a good understanding of underlying RDBMS [data-types, constraints, etc.]


Re: Understanding on Data modeling concepts


Please can anyone share more light on CLDM. I know that it has subject area, facets and entities but wanted to know more in depth on it.

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Re: Understanding on Data modeling concepts

You can check the details at following link:


And you can surely use the 'Contact Us' feature. Am not very sure if in-depth knowledge will be available publically as you need to buy cLDM to be able to use it.