ARCMAIN with grouping of tables


ARCMAIN with grouping of tables

Need to move data from one teradata system to other teradata system. we are using ARCMAIN utility to do this job. to increase performance we are planning to group the tables in source then ARC-Restore to target then separate the tables.

Is this possible ? please throw some ideas.

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Re: ARCMAIN with grouping of tables

What "performance" do you expect to gain by "grouping"? You can give ARC a list of tables and have it write them all to the same output file.

And you will need to use COPY, not RESTORE, on the target system.


Re: ARCMAIN with grouping of tables

Hi Fred ,


currently we are moving data using ARCMAIN between teradata systems by table level. For Example: 1TB of data its taking 1 hour. if we put 10 tables (over all size 10 TB)  in one data base and do a database arc restore we are assuminig it be take less time compared with arc restore on table level. I have not done any POC for this. the above is example estimation.


To seek advise I came here. 


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Re: ARCMAIN with grouping of tables

Moving data at database level or table level will not change the performance/throughput.The only thing that will be different is the HUT locks.

You may want to look into the number of sessions you use in your arcmain jobs for some performance gain.

Abhishek Jadhav