Access Logging Question

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Access Logging Question


I have turned Access Loging on for some of our databases. Using Teradata Administrator to do this, I saw some options I am not really sure what they are for, and hoped someone here could explain them to me.

The options are:

First & Last

Can someone explain these Access Logging options to me please? I have been unable to find them defined in any manual.


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Re: Access Logging Question

First: entry of First attempt/occurrences.only 

Last: entry of Last attempt/occurrences. only

first and last: only first and last attempt/occurrences. entires

each: all  attempts/occurrences by specified users

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Re: Access Logging Question

Access Logging options are documented in the SQL Reference: SQL Data Definition Language (Syntax & Examples) manual.


First - inserts a row the first time the indicated permissions are checked for a session (optionally, only if denied)

Each - inserts a new row every time

Last - must do "update if matching log row exists else insert" (because there is no way to know in advance which request will be last)