Basic SQL Datatype Question.


Basic SQL Datatype Question.

I have some basic SQL questions, please pardon me for my lack of knowledge.

<> When do we use FLOAT or DECIMAL in SQL, what's the criteria?

<> Is how to define DECIMAL/FLOAT is a standard in all the SQL or different in Teradata SQL.

<> What does it mean when we say DECIMAL (5,5) OR DECIMAL (6,5)
does it mean precision can be any number between 1 thru 9 and precision length would be equal to the number on left and scale's length would be limited to 5 numbers after decimal points?

<> How to define DECIMAL value ".00000" ? how to define ".00000" in float?

<> How is FLOAT represented in Teradata SQL? FLOAT (3,4)???

<> when to use: GROUP BY, HAVING, ORDERY clause?

I would appreciate anyone's explanation on it.

Re: Basic SQL Datatype Question.

Check this out: