Can't free up small amounts of space


Can't free up small amounts of space


I'm trying to free up space in some parent databases that have no objects.  In some cases, a small amount of space is left behind (e.g. 136 bytes, other DBs leave behind less than 100 bytes), and I'm unable to remove this space.  This occurs on a few databases only, not all of them.  I have even tried adding more space, say 1 GB, and then try and free up the whole amount, but the same small amount is left behind.  I have also run the updatespace utility, but still reports this small amount of space.  These database may have existed when we were on TD 14.00 and migrated to 15.00.

We are running TD 15.00 on a 2750.




Re: Can't free up small amounts of space

Hi Steven,

Did you ever get a solution to this issue? I have also found empty databases where I cannot modify the database as perm = 0.


I keep getting a error 3541: The request to assign new Permanent space is invalid

Teradata Employee

Re: Can't free up small amounts of space

The updatespace utility recalculates Current space accounting, not Max.

If PermSpace in dbc.DatabasesV doesn't match sum(MaxPerm)in dbc.DiskSpaceV, you need to run updatedbc utility.