Cascade/restrict in Physical data modeling


Cascade/restrict in Physical data modeling

Recently I have read a document on a datamodeling tool.While explaining Logical modeling it was mentioned that we can Cascade or restrict the changes between parent or child databases.The tool has options to specify the cascade and restrict options for child and parent relations.Essentially cascade implies that whenever we delete or update tuples from a parent /child relation, the changes should be reflected in child/parent relation.While the "restrict" implies that when ever a child references a parent, changes to child or parent can be restricted. This is defined in the scope of logical modeling.

Now I would like to understand how cascade and restrict are conceived in Physical data modeling? What is the teradata equivalent of Cascade/restrict?


Re: Cascade/restrict in Physical data modeling

TD has only provision for RESTRICT.

You can implement CASCADE as a combo of Soft RI + AFTER DELETE triggers prior to V2R6.2

Starting V2R6.2 you can use the AFTER DELETE triggers along with Hard RI as well