Collect Stats in Teradata 12.0


Collect Stats in Teradata 12.0

I heard that Teradata 12 version has the ability to do collect stats by itself and so there is no need to explicitly do it. Is it true? Can someone explain more on this?


Re: Collect Stats in Teradata 12.0

See Teradata 12 "Performance Management" document (page 160 in October 2007 version)

Teradata 12 can extrapolate statistics on "rolling" columns only
(columns with evenly distributed values or a trend)

e.g. for months

2008/10 ... 10M rows
2008/11 ... 11M rows
2008/12 ... 13M rows
2009/01 ... 9M rows
2009/02 ... 10M rows

2009-03-01 collected statistics

2009-04-20 running SQL query with estimation

...2009/03 ... 10M rows estimated
...2009/04 ... 7M rows estimated