Comparison of Table/View definition across environments.


Comparison of Table/View definition across environments.


I am trying to come up with a tool to compare the DDL's of objects (Tables/Views etc.) across two different environments. This basically would help compare discrepancies between two environments. Usually one would like to have the objects in Development & Production databases in Sync, but when there are huge number of objects involved this can be quite a cumbersome task.

I haven't been able to find any such tool on the internet and obviously such a tool would come in handy as I hope to compare all aspects related to a particular table (views, stats, permissions, index, columns, constraints etc.)

Please let me know if anyone aware of any such utility that already exists for Teradata. At the moment, I'm just thinking of creating a procedure which would run on both environments and pull all info and then do a simple text compare of both the logs.

Suggestions/Comments/Ideas are welcome.