Convert Timestamp from GMT to EST

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Convert Timestamp from GMT to EST


I have posted this question in another thread, but i dont see that, so posting again. I find this new interface very confusing, apologies for that.


I have to convert a timestamp from GMT to EST. I can use 'at   ameriacan eastern' for that.I wanted to check if this takes into account the day light saving as well. I am pretty sure it does take into account as mentioned in the manuals, but wanted to confirm my understanding.

Note: Teradata Database will automatically adjust the time zone displacement to account for
the start or end of daylight saving time only if you specify a time zone using a time zone string
that follows different DST and standard time zone displacements.

--Samir Singh



Re: Convert Timestamp from GMT to EST

Hi All,

Any help on this ?

I have another input on this. I will have a column in a table which will have a GMT time. Now i want to convert it to EST. I can use at  'America eastern'  to convert it to EST. As a test, when i use below sql on my sql assist, it considers '2015-12-19 16:44:00'  to be EST and convers to MST appropiately.

sel cast ('2015-12-19 16:44:00' as timestamp(0))  at  'America mountain'. 

This is becasue my system/session setting is EST, it takes '2015-12-19 16:44:00'  as EST. Now, when i have data in the table as GMT, will that still consuder it in EST ? But, i want it to consider it to be GMT and conver to EST. So, do i need to convert my column value to GST first and then use at  'America eastern'  to convert to EST ? How do do that ? Any input will be helpful.


--Samir Singh