Copying Timestamps and Intervals into Excel


Copying Timestamps and Intervals into Excel

Hello all,

This used to work before, but doesn't anymore. I am running queries whcih give out differences in timestamp in the hour(2) to second formats. I then save the results of these queries into an excel, where I draw charts using these values. However, when I copy the time difference columns into excel, they always come with either one leading space in case hour is 2 digits or 2 leading spaces if the hour is 1 digit.

Earlier I was able to format the cells to a custom 'd hh:mm:ss.0' format (I'm okay with the hh:mm:ss.0 format as well), but now, because of the spaces, this does not automatically work. Obviously if I take out the leading space(s) and then format the cell, it gives me what I want, but since I have 9 columns with intervals and have about 2 months worth of daily data, doing it individually for more than 60 rows will take a long time.

I tried trimming the string that I get and then formatting it, doesn't work.

I also tried exporting it to Access and then getting it into Excel - same problem.

Any ideas on how to transfer Interval information from Teradata to Excel, in a way tha tI ca easily use it for charts?

-Milind Bengeri