DBQLogTbl ProcID


DBQLogTbl ProcID

TD experts:

DBQL tables have a column ProcID which identifies the owner VPROC for running the logged query. We only have the number of AMPs involved, max AMPs etc. columns in every row but we don't know if the AMPs listed in the # of AMPs belong to the same node that the owner VPROC belongs to.

I observed that the owner VPROC is always the PE. Is it always the case?

And does the DBQLStepTbl provide the ProcID of all the VPROCs responsible for the execution of queries involving AMPs as well?

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Re: DBQLogTbl ProcID

The owner VPROC is always a PE. Query logs are maintained by the PE, and the PE does not have detailed information about the participating AMPs.

Re: DBQLogTbl ProcID

Isn't there any way to know the query log as distributed among VPROCs (AMP and PE)?
I have looked into ResUsage, DBQL and AMPUsage tables but without success.

Or if we can have any association of the Query ID (from DBQL tables) from ResUsage tables, then this could do the trick as well.