Error Accessing Fast Export Utility


Error Accessing Fast Export Utility

Hii ppl,

I am using v12.0 and unable to login into Fast Export/Fast Load utility and its giving "" as the error.
i am attaching 2 screenshots. First screenshot indicates the values that i have given for logon and Second screenshot contains the error after logging in.

I am unable to understand the meaning of when loging into Fastload.

My host file has following entry: localhost localtdcop1 dbccop1

Please Note: At the same time i am able to log into BTEQ utility using dbc/dbc.

Please help me out.


Re: Error Accessing Fast Export Utility

Hi ,

Try to login with command in fast load or fast export

.logon dbc\dbc;

and when the password dialog box appears, key in the password. Let the account field be empty. Try and let us know your feedback.

Re: Error Accessing Fast Export Utility


I have identified the problem ppl, Thanks for giving your valuable suggestions. The super-user dbc is not having create privileges on the retail database, where i am instructing the utility to create a log table. Hence, it was not allowing me to login successfully.