Gateway ports


Gateway ports

I'm not very familiar with Teradata, but I need to connect an Oracle DB link to Teradata over a network and through a firewall. I know what I need to do on every step except the connection to teradata with the OLEDB provider.

What ports do I need to open to connect to Teradata? The default port of 1025 is what netstat shows me connecting to. Is that the only port I need opened to the server to connect, run a SQL command, and get results back?

My machine seems to be initiated the connection from a range of ports in the 2200s so I am not sure if I can lock down the outgoing port.

What are the primary ports I need opened to make the connection work through a firewall?

Thanks for your help.

Re: Gateway ports

All Teradata clients connect to TCP port 1025. That is the only port that you should need to forward through your firewall.