Grant Access on multiple tables

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Grant Access on multiple tables

Is it possible to do this in Teradata 14.10 without procedurally going through every table I've created and executing a grant statement?


I have a script that will run and produce all the grant statements automatically, but I still have to copy all of them and run them. I'm hoping there's a way to cut out the middle step.



The query to auto-generate grant statements, in case anyone wants it for their own use.


SELECT 'grant select,insert,update,delete,'

||(CASE WHEN tablekind = 't' THEN 'DROP TABLE' WHEN tablekind = 'V' THEN 'DROP VIEW' END)||' on '||TRIM(databasename)||'.'||TRIM(TABLENAME)||' to [user] with grant option;'

FROM dbc.tables

WHERE creatorname = (Select User)

ORDER BY databasename, TABLENAME;


Re: Grant Access on multiple tables



You could use BTEQ,

Export the results of your SQL to a file then use .run in the same script to run the file.