Joining Teradata tables in SAS


Joining Teradata tables in SAS


I would like to join two large Teradata tables(one of them has more than 3 million rows) in SAS.

  1. How can I do this?
  2. What should be considered if I want to do this faster and more effective(or maybe other things you think is important :-) )?



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Re: Joining Teradata tables in SAS

Following are things which I would bear in mind.

3 millions is not a lot.

If you have one SAS table and one large Teradata table , I would fast export small table to Teradata and will use explicit pass through  to join them.

If you have both tables in Teradata, then I would use Explicit pass through.

As much as possible, try to push your queries to Teradata instead of doing them in SAS.



Re: Joining Teradata tables in SAS

Thank you nealvenna for your reply. Do you have any example av those points that you mentioned?

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