Load utilities Limit in TASM

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Load utilities Limit in TASM

Hi all,

There is limit for load utilities (fastload Mload etc) in Teradata system that is handling by MaxLoadTask parameter in DBS control. According to this we can

Increase this filed value up to 15. If we want to increase its value more than 15 then we also have to set the MAXloadAwt field

in DBS control to limit the AWT in system for load utilities. Othet wise most of the AWT will be consume by Load utilities only. We can define 30 utility Limit at max.

My Question is :

If TASM is there, utilities limit is define in ruleset in session tab. If we define utilities Limit 23(exmple) without any change in DBS control

Then will it be applicable as we did not set MAxLoadawt. If Yes, then how will TASM mange the AWT for load utilities in system.

can any body explain

Thanks- Sandeep.


Re: Load utilities Limit in TASM

You can have a look at this blog from Carrie, setting  DisableTDWMSessionRules......


There may be some changes.... 14, 15 ..... I can't recollect :)

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Re: Load utilities Limit in TASM

Thanks Raja :)

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Re: Load utilities Limit in TASM

Hi Raja,

I need one more help.

I am not receiving Email notification for POSTS. Even i have updated in account profile for receiving Even on all comments. I did not see any link for help thats why i am asking it.

It will be great help if you suggest.

Re: Load utilities Limit in TASM

Hi Sandeep,

The admin will inform you.