Logging Users List


Logging Users List

My previous DBA logged the information for some users and did not turned them OFF. So the loggin is still going on but we are not sure which users are getting logged. Is there a way to find the users that are being logged?


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what exactly you mean by logged ? please explain

Re: Logging Users List

If you are talking about DBQL: you can get the list of users/accounts from DBQL tables 

Try this:


WHEN SummaryFlag = 'F' THEN ' Logging WITH '

WHEN SummaryFlag = 'T' THEN ' Logging Limit Summary=' END ||

Case WHEN ExplainFlag = 'F' THEN ' ' ELSE 'EXPLAIN' END ||

Case WHEN ObjFlag = 'F' THEN ' ' WHEN ExplainFlag = 'F' THEN 'OBJECTS ' ELSE ','||'OBJECTS' END ||

Case WHEN SQLFlag = 'F' THEN ' ' WHEN ObjFlag = 'F' THEN 'SQL' ELSE ','||'SQL' END ||

Case WHEN SummaryVal1 IS NOT NULL THEN Trim(SummaryVal1)||',' ELSE ' ' END ||

Case WHEN SummaryVal2 IS NOT NULL THEN Trim(SummaryVal2)||',' ELSE ' ' END ||

Case WHEN SummaryVal3 IS NOT NULL THEN Trim(SummaryVal3)||'' ELSE ' 'END ||

Case WHEN SummaryFlag = 'F' THEN ' ' ELSE ' CPUTIME' END ||

Case WHEN SummaryFlag = 'F' THEN 'Limit SQLText='||Trim(TextSizeLimit) ELSE ' ' END ||

Case When UserName = 'ALL' THEN ' ON ALL ACCOUNT = '''||Trim(AccountString)||''';' ELSE ' ON '||Trim(UserName)||';' END (Title ' ')


Re: Logging Users List

perfect!! This is exactly what i was looking for. Thanks Dilin