Looping in teradata


Looping in teradata

Hi All,
I want to use a while loop or a cursor in teradta with out creating a Stored Procedure as we can do in sql server.
My problem is I have a table where I have same IDs but different first name and last name for example:
id Fname Lname
1 Tom Cruise
1 Tom cruse
1 Tom Jerry.

Now I want only those ids to display where the firstname , last name are same in both records having same id. In this case it should display Tom CRuise.

Please help . (Also I dont want to use temporary tables if possible.)
Thanks in advance

Re: Looping in teradata

You do not need a loop.

Id, FName, Lname
From Tbl
Having Count(*) > 1
Group By 1,2,3