Problem with Teradata V2R6 on Windows 2000

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Problem with Teradata V2R6 on Windows 2000

We have Teradata V2R6 installed on a Windows 2000 server and everything worked fine.

One day it suddenly doesn't accept any connections, although the Multitool shows that database is up and users are logged on.

Nobody could figure out what was the problems, so we decided to reinstall Teradata.

We got "Cannot create librtsl.dll link" error while installing database. We tried many times with uninstalling everything and rebooting to no avail.

Could somebody help me with these 2 questions?
1) why the database doesn't accept connection when it is shown up and running in MultiTools?
2) what does the "cannot create librtsl.dll link" error mean, and what caused it?

Thanks much,