Procedure Issues


Procedure Issues

Hi All,

   I have created a Teradata Procedure using SYSDBA ID in Database A. I am trying to execute the procedure through a different User - USER B. The procedure creates some temporary tables in Database C. The procedure is failing saying The user does not have the CREATE TABLE access to database C.

When I execute the Create Statement from the same User - USER B through SQL Assistant, it is able to create table. Also, there is a similar procedure created with Same SysDBAID in Database A and executing through User B, which is able to create tables in Database C.

So, it seems there is some Prociedure level access rights which is missing. Can someone help me on this to resolve this issue.




Re: Procedure Issues

even you tried:

Grant mmmmmmm on DBTest1 to DBTest_user WITH GRANT OPTION;

SELECT UserName .....

FROM dbc.AllRights

WHERE DatabaseName = abc AND TableName = def

AND AccessRight = 'PE'

GRANT execute on procedure xyz to [user] with grant option;