Prolonged Responding State - for data load cases


Prolonged Responding State - for data load cases


I am loading data thru informatica to teradata in relational mode. i.e. the queries are are simple 'insert' and 'update' statements. All the requests are tied in BT-ET transaction mode for 10 second interval.

The informatica workflow is 24x7 real time MQ reading set up, so the teradata session will be continually established. However, when there is no data flow happening from informatica toteradata, the session moves to 'Responding' state instead of 'Idle'.

As per my understanding, the responding mode is for the data extracts from Teradata when the resultset is being transmitted from teradata to applications. But in my case, I am not extracting anything, so the response state is surprise to me.

I checked the DBQL logs, there are no incomplete transactions. The session was in 'Responding' state even after the last ET transaction was successful.

Aslo, please help me understand the system impact (resource utlization) difference between 'Idle' and 'Responding' states.


Re: Prolonged Responding State - for data load cases

Hi.. could anyone help ?