QueryGrid: Teradata - BigInsights


QueryGrid: Teradata - BigInsights

Hi - Our Platform Setup is like this: Teradata 15.00 and IBM BigInsights Flavor of Hadoop Implementation. We are trying to explore the option of implementing TD Query Grid to connect to Data in BigInsights. 

When i went online to see if this is supported by Teradata [as of now] and if this is possible, i dont see much info. which tells that this is do-able now. I see that:

Teradata - Hortonworks/Coludera/MapR/Oracle/Teradata/Aster/Rainstar/MongoDB but nothing on BigInsights. May be it is implicit?

Can someone please tell me if

1. Teradata 15 to BigInsights via Teradata QueryGrid is do-able as of now and

2. Do we need any software/configuration needed apart from defining the Server Objects etc...?


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Re: QueryGrid: Teradata - BigInsights

Please let me know if you were able to connect BigInsights to Teradata using QueryGrid. We have same configuration and hence checking,