Recompiling all Stored Procedures???

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Recompiling all Stored Procedures???

I'm in the process of planning a migration form 2.6.2 to TD13.00. In the planning process I see that we need to recompile all the Stored Procedures, once migrated. I'd like to create a script todo this but can not identify where the source is kept in the DD/DS. I don't see it in either the view "Tables" or the "TVM" table. I know it's there somewhere??? Question - where is the source code located and how do I get it?
Another question, is there a way to just 'REPLACE' a Proc without specifying the source code?
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Re: Recompiling all Stored Procedures???

Hi JK,
if you explain a SHOW PROCEDURE you'll see where the source code is actually stored.
But there's no way to retrieve that information other than SHOW
And if the SP was created using the WITH NO SPL option there is *no* source code at all (and no way to recompile it).

Fortunately you don't have to submit the source code for recompilation, it a simple "ALTER PROCEDURE myproc COMPILE".