Some tables hasn't peakperm

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Some tables hasn't peakperm



I execute each night the macro for reset peakperm on all tables in my datawarehouse, but there are some tables that hasn't peakperm after loader. ¿Why? I don't understand that tables are loaded and there isn't peakperm for them. 


Can anybody help me? 



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Re: Some tables hasn't peakperm



I don't know if you've resolved this yet...


Assuming that you're referring to the 'DBC.ClearPeakDisk' macro then this might be down to the sequence in which you do this processing.


That macro sets the PeakPermSpace column to 0.

Until you do any maintenance processing against a table the PeakPerm will stay at 0. (SELECTs don't seem to cause this to be updated - which makes sense).


So if your processing was in the following order:

- 'reset peakperm'

- loader

- reporting


Then that is what I'd expect to see.


Is that what happened?




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