Spooled Data - Sharing


Spooled Data - Sharing


User A, Query has spooled Table A ( say whole table FTS).

Can User B utilize the Spooled data for the queries (on Table A)?

Assumption : No DDLs and User A is still logged in.


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No, spool is not shared even with in the same user ids different sessions or with in the sessions different requests.

There might be some performance help from SYNC SCAN though.

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Thanks Joe.

One more mile on this question .....

The text goes....

......Secondary Index Usage

Full Table Scans – Sync Scans
In the case of multiple users that access the same table at the same time, the system can do a synchronized scan (sync scan) on the table.

• Multiple simultaneous scans share reads.
• New query joins scan at the current scan point

Some questions>
1) ... multiple users.. In the same session ?
2) Is Secondary Index mandatory for Sync Scan ?
3) What is "current scan point" ?


Re: Spooled Data - Sharing

>>Some questions>
>>1) ... multiple users.. In the same session ?
Nope, multiple users implies different sessions as different users can't share the same session. Sync scan is available across sessions.

2) Is Secondary Index mandatory for Sync Scan ?
As far as I know the two are not related. Sync Scan is projected as a TD mechanism to reduce physical IO by sharing the read operations on the Disk

3) What is "current scan point" ?
my understanding is that it means that if Query 1 which is in progress has already gone past a few blocks, when Query 2 started, Q2 can start sharing disk reads from that point on (where Q1 is now).

It's like joining some one reading a book somewhere after a few chapters (Not my idea of reading a book though :-) )

Probably someone familiar with FSG intrinsics can throw more light on the topic.