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Summary Statistics


What are differences between summary statistics and satistics? When we should opt for summary statistics instead of statistics?


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Summary stats is quite fast and generate details like row count,block size..... I think it is collected automatically once you generate stats.
Normal stats takes more time.

It is suggested to do for both. Summary stats is getting details quickly like for row count....

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The Summary statistics are collected automatically when statistics on any column of the table are collected.

You may refer the orange book "TD14.10 Statistics enhancement". It has very good information.

~ Abhishek Jadhav

Abhishek Jadhav

Re: Summary Statistics

If I 1st time I collect stats on required columns and after that wheneer table gets refreshed I do summery stats onl will it refresh the column level stats also which I have collecte in 1st pace?

Teradata Employee

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Hello Moutusi,

After Summary Stats has been collected for the 1st time, then collecting any column level statistics will refresh the Summary Stats implicitly. The vice versa isn't true meaning Refreshing Summary Stats doesn't refresh any Column Level Stats.