System restart and System hang


System restart and System hang


i would like to know answers on my question:

1. the difference between system saturation and system hang

2. If one of this happens how to find it out

3. how to see if ALL the AWT's is in use or not.


Re: System restart and System hang

A system hang is a condition that prevents any work from progressing. Typically, there will be little or no CPU activity when this occurs. On a saturated system, on the other hand, the CPUs are very busy. You can use a tool like SAR to sample CPU activity (or "top" on Linux).

You can use the AMPLOAD console utility to see AWT usage.

Re: System restart and System hang

regarding system hang .. wat i infer from you is system may not be 100% but still users applications hang or as a DBA if i run a canaery query it will hang.
and this may happen due to one of the Unix process running continuously in Loop...

So wat is the resolution that a DBA should take when System hang happens.......