TD 14 Soft RI


TD 14 Soft RI


Thanks in advance for your time.

What possible issues cause with Soft Ri implemented when ,

1)I have foreign keys (on fact table) ,which they do not exist on my dimension?

For example , i have transactions for dates which these dates do not appear on my calendar dimension.

2)If i have more than one reference rows(on my dimension table)  from FK(column from fact).

For example if i have one transaction from fact table for one customer , but the Soft Ri column for customer shows more than 1 row.

Except from logical model which is not accurate and probably on some cases i would have wrong bussiness results (if i do not select all the attributes from dimension which unique identify the row) ,  i would like to know any possible on PDM.

I mean , does TD understund the 'mistake' and avoid using Soft RI or it produce wrong results and in most consuming way.

During the creation of the Join Indexes, does this influence the performace or steps?

Any other considerations?

Thank you.


Re: TD 14 Soft RI


If you don't have referential integrity enforced on your tables by application code or some procedure you should not have Soft RI defined as you will likely get erroneous results. You are telling the database that RI exists, so join elimination may return result that are not there.

Join Indexes - any joins of tables with soft ri defined could be wrong if it is not enforced.



Re: TD 14 Soft RI

Hi ,

I aggree 100%  but please can you inform and the Teradata people for this?