TDWM filter violation error fail code 3152


TDWM filter violation error fail code 3152

Hi all, I am a newbie to Teradata trying to experiment with it and analyze some data. When connecting to the database I can make connections via Teradata studio successfully. I also tried to use connection libraries in Python to connect. But then I encounter the following error. 

Since the username, password and host names are all the same, I cannot figure out where the problem is. Also, when searching on the internet I can find limited information about this error.

Could anyone of you help me with it? Any information would be very much appreciated. Thanks!


DatabaseError: (teradata.api.DatabaseError) (210, "[HY000] [Teradata]
[ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] (210)
TDWM Filter violation for Logon Request: For Rule Name 'Security' FailCode = -3152")


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Re: TDWM filter violation error fail code 3152


It is not your code.


'TDWM' is Teradata Dynamic Workload Manager/Management (often referred to as TASM) and is the workload management component of the Teradata dbms.


On the system you're trying to connect to there is a rule which your logon processing is violating.


You'll need to talk to the DBA's on that system to find out what the 'Security' rule means and what you have to do to be allowed to logon to Teradata.




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Re: TDWM filter violation error fail code 3152

This is TASM related error. The teradata database is set with TASM rules to control the sessions for user,and queries.Please check  TASM related setting on the machine.