TERADATA Architecture - parallelism?


TERADATA Architecture - parallelism?

Hi All,

Can you please tell me what is the component in TERADATA Architecture which is responsible for parallelism?

I mean if this component is removed, the system will no longer be parallel.

I think its the AMPs, Can you please confirm.


Gaurav Katiyar

Teradata Employee

Re: TERADATA Architecture - parallelism?

Hi Gaurav,

the whole architecture is responsible for parallelism.  Basically all the components are designed with parallelism in mind.

Also note that all components are designed with fault-tolerance, to protect the system from hardware and software failures.   So you do not easily loose a component due to incidents.

There is no reason to remove necessary components intentionally.



Re: TERADATA Architecture - parallelism?

Parallel Database Extensions( PDE) is a software layer(interface) rich in sophisticated algorithms takes control of Teradata parallelism. It lies between the OS and Teradata server. Speed and linear scalibility are attributed to PDE. The management of I/O and task distribution within and across nodes are accomplished by way of PDE.



Re: TERADATA Architecture - parallelism?

Vlad and Raja, thanks for your input.