Teradata SQL Assistant 12

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Teradata SQL Assistant 12

Has anyone got this issue in SQL Assistant ver 12 ? I have installed ODBC 12 also.

I had a script of 155 tables to create in the old Teradata SQL Assistance 7.2 I could run them without any issue.
But in the 12 version the application stops running the SQL's randomly after certain number of commands and the best part is it give no errors.

So if I fire 150 DDL it may stop after 3 DDL command or after 22 or after 30 or after 17 etc.
The history will tell you how many DDL statements were run.

Sometimes it randomly gives this error, when I am running in Teradata mode.
3932: Only an ET or null statement is legal after a DDL Statement.

I get the same above issue after installing TSA 13 (Teradata SQL Assistant 13)

Any help would be appreciated.