Teradata remove single quotes from variable


Teradata remove single quotes from variable

I need to replace single quotes in a string of numbers and use in a WHERE IN clause. for example, I have

WHERE Group_ID IN (''4532','3422','1289'')

The criteria within parenthesis is being passed as a parameter, so I have no control over that. I tried using :

WHERE Group_ID IN (REGEXP_REPLACE(''4532','3422','1289'', '[']', ' ',1,0,i))

also tried using OReplace

WHERE Group_ID IN (OReplace(''4532','3422','1289'', '[']', ' '))

but get the same error:

[Teradata Database] [3707] Syntax error, expected something like ',' 
    between a string or a Unicode character literal and the integer '4532'.

Please suggest how to remove the single enclosing quotes or even removing all single quotes should work as well.

Teradata Employee

Re: Teradata remove single quotes from variable

Is this a parameter of a stored procedure or a macro?  If the query using where-in is in a SP, then you can edit the string with oreplace() much as you have coded it.  But to test it using a hard-coded literal as you show here means changing the quotes:  the outer single-quotes should not be doubled, and the inner single-quotes should be doubled.