Unable to Create Tables with SQL Assistant


Unable to Create Tables with SQL Assistant

Hi Forum,


I've recently installed Teradata SQL Assistant on my Laptop which is a 64 Bit Windows 7 o/s.

I'm trying to create some data to use so I need all the privileges available.

Being the creator, I thought I would automatically be the DBA for the database?

I'm opening the application as the Administrator but don't have the permission to create tables.

Can anyone suggest what I need to do?




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Re: Unable to Create Tables with SQL Assistant



From your terminology I'm guessing that perhaps you've worked with other dbms platforms. This is one area (of a number) where Teradata works differently from most other dbms platforms.


When you login to a TD system you are logging into the 'system' - not 'a database'.

The 'system' will have many databases on it, so the following two SQL requests may produce different results because they are reading from different databases which may contain completely different sets of data.

FROM db1.customer;

FROM db2.customer;

Your user definition will have a 'default database' so when you run a SQL request if your code does not name a database the dbms will use your default database.

Assume that your 'default database' is 'db1', the following two requests are identical:

FROM db1.customer;

FROM customer;

This 'default database' concept is used on all SQL requests for any named object where you do not provide a database name:


If the above command works, table 'abc' will be put into your 'default database'.

You can change your current 'default database' (i.e. the one used by the dbms for commands) by using the 'DATABASE' command. See here for details.


In your case (based on previous posts) you are logging on as user DBC. In that case your default database is almost certainly DBC and because that is the Teradata system database you cannot create tables in it. You need to create your own database and put your tables, views etc. into that.


Try the following (see Create Database for full details):

Create database myDB as PERM=200e6, SPOOL=0;

This will give you a database with a max space limit of 200MB for data.

Make this your default database by using the DATABASE command.

Now run your 'create table' SQL.


Because you created the database (myDB) by default you will have full access rights to it.






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Re: Unable to Create Tables with SQL Assistant

Teradata SQL Assistant and Teradata Studio [Express] are just client tools that can connect to a Teradata system. They do not include the Teradata database itself. Teradata Express for VMWare Player  provides a "local" Teradata database.