fast load error


fast load error

Hi folks,

I am trying to use a FLD script to load a single file into teradata.
But I get the error Not enough fields in vartext data record number:11

what does this error mean?

I have
set record vartext"|";
A1 (VARCHAR(100)),

Does it mean the input file is incorrect?
Please help me.
Thanks in advance

Re: fast load error

yes the input file is incorrect.
Particularly the record number 11.
See the number of fields in this record and the number of fields expected by you.
It is always good to check number of fields in file and expected fields before you start loading.
If the files are on unix you can use below command to check the number of fileds.

cat | awk -F"|" '{print 'NF'}' |sort | uniq -c

the output will give you number of records and number fields.
if there are multiple records then file is problem.