storing docs in teradata database ?


storing docs in teradata database ?

Hi ppl,

Is it possible to store docs in teradata database, if so can you plz let me know how to do the same??

Note : We can store docs in my sql database, when integrated with content management systems...the backend is used as a sql database.

We are having a teradata warehouse, would like to know how to store docs in the database..any help is appreciated..


Re: storing docs in teradata database ?

I assume "docs" are Microsoft Word document files. You can store them using the BLOB data type. In release 12.0, you can use BTEQ to import records containing the document file names. For more detailed information refer to the BTEQ manual, LOBCOLS option in the import statement. Retrieval of the stored documents is best done using the ODBC or JDBC APIs.